We are a non-profit organization, dedicated to the documentation, study and conservation of groundwater resources, submarine caves and their integration with coastal environment.

What we do


Understanding of caves requires at least a basic survey. We have focused on caves where surveys were not completed nor published, using both traditional techniques and MNemo to create a polygon line, with digital cartography being the final goal. More details…

3D Models

Representing a cave in a 3D model is aesthetically very pleasing but generally not very accurate. We have introduced new techniques allowing a closer match, but especially we have developed tools and methodologies for underwater cave photogrammetry. More details…

Sediment Analysis

Collecting samples and cores for researchers is a delicate task; not only it requires solid understanding of the specific techniques, but also communication between divers and researchers to ensure proper application and scientific method.


Despite true cave exploration is a task that only few people can accomplish, we strongly believe in a team approach,; this does not mean only pushing boundaries in a team comprising divers and non divers alike, but also publishing the results and involving local communities.


Photo and video experts have captured each and every operation run during the campaigns and we will continue to produce materials that document the work, but especially will allow the whole community to understand and appreciate the importance of citizen science and preservation of the environment.


Conservation and protection of paleonthological remains starts with survey and study in situ, using media documentation and detailed 3D models to allow researchers to get in depth understanding and local communities to appreciate the resources of their own areas.

What You can do


Certified cave divers interested in mission oriented projects, team approach and with positive attitude? We need your support, especially if you have personal skill-sets that can benefit the project.


Scientific diving and specific skills are a must, but useless unless directed into the proper direction. We need your input and ideas about research and science projects.

University or school

Dissemination of data and results is as important as instilling the spark into the next generation of researchers and students hosting seminars, workshops or presentations.


Undergraduate and post graduate students are welcome to conduct research and work on their thesis with Phreatic.

Wilderness Addict

If your passions are sea, mountains, caves….and you would like to join the project, we are always looking for inspirational people with strong opinions and new ideas.


We welcome partnerships and collaborations with autonomous entities and foundations to better achieve common or compatible goals.

Blog Posts

Phreatic for Research

Our work starts with you: understanding what you need, so we can offer you options that allow researchers and divers to cooperate.
We’re always happy to talk about how we can collaborate with you.