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We developed the original concept project in Cala Gonone, Sardinia. This wonderful island of the Mediterranean sea is to be considered our home-base and first area of activity. 

We operate in Orosei gulf since 2013 and Gonone harbour is the perfect launch spot for the demands of boats and divers with operational needs, both in terms of comfort, safety and availability of resources.Behind Orosei gulf, the plateau of Supramonte and its massive aquifer offers the perfect natural laboratory for many different research activities connected with earth sciences; the karst area between inland Sardinia and the Thyrrenean Sea offer ideal conditions and multiple scenarios.

Phreatic team comprises a large group of divers from all over Europe, volunteering on regular basis, to achieve the objectives set for the projects. Most of them have gone through rigorous cave diving training and are specialised into survey, photogrammetry or video documentation; to achieve the goals, we follow a team approach, applying standard procedures and protocols to all underwater activities while using sound equipment choices.

Other members of the team are non-divers, researchers and resources in different areas  of expertise that are as involved in the activities and give their input in the challenges Phreatic is undertaking to achieve its own mission.

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What People Say

«It is an honor for me and for the entire European Cave Protection Commission to inform you, that your project “Phreatic Project Sardinia “ has won the EuroSpeleo Protection label 2020».

Jean-Claude Thies, President
European Cave Protection Commission,
Fédération Spéléologique Européenne

«L’ ambizione è andare oltre la ricerca scientifica e utilizzare nuovi strumenti per sensibilizzare i cittadini sulla necessità della tutela di questi delicati habitat e valorizzare e promuovere il territorio anche sotto il profilo turistico».

Vincenzo Martimucci, Presidente Società Speleologica Italiana

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